“Yogic Sleep”

Friday Night, February 15th, 7:30pm-9:30pm

Coolidge Yoga Brookline


Learn how and why a proper night time routine, inspired by the Ayurvedic Clock and circadian rhythm, can help tame the mind and prepare for deep, restful sleep.  

During this workshop you will

  • learn how the doshas (qualities and functions of the body, mind, and environment) influence the time of day

  • learn which activities are best for morning, noon, and night

  • physically embody a night time routine including self oil massage, body scan meditation, and savasana (corpse pose)

  • end the evening with a delicious warm creamy vegan latte dusted with Ayurvedic sleepy herbs

Please pack:

  • shorts and a tank top so your extremities are easy for you to access during the self massage

  • socks and a beach or large bath towel

Choose clothing and a towel that you don’t care about getting oily. Please get in touch if you have any skin and/or food allergies.

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