Workshops, Events, and Special Classes:

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Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

11-1:30pm at Coolidge Yoga Brookline

Balance the cool, heavy, damp qualities of spring that can weigh down the body and mind. Ayurveda's one-pot healing meal, kitchari, offers a great way to lighten up without depleting yourself.

In this workshop:

  • learn about the healing ingredients of kitchari

  • learn how to prepare the body for a cleanse, and how to transition back to a regular routine post-cleanse

  • participate in a cooking demo

  • practice an invigorating 60 minute flow while the kitchari cooks

  • after class enjoy a mindful, family-style meal

  • go home with a kitchari recipe and sample spice blend to get you started

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Sweet Surrender Saturday with Alex Bauermeister (accompanied by two assistants for hands on assists)

Saturday, April 13th, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Coolidge Yoga Brookline

Slow flow your way into restorative bliss with juicy hands-on assists. Alex and Lauren will co-teach an hour of luscious slow flow, followed by an hour of relaxation poses, with an abundance of assists throughout, offered by both teachers and two assistants. Meditative movement will unravel tension, rejuvenate your body and energy, and prepare your whole being to receive the restorative benefits of stillness and relaxation. Meanwhile, deeply attuned hands-on assists will help you feel divinely supported in your poses.

You will leave this two-hour class feeling physically and emotionally grounded, unburdened, and re-centered. All bodies and all abilities welcome.

 About Alex Bauermeister: Alex’s signature delicious and liberating slow flow and bodywork style is based on her work as a yoga therapist.


Kitchen Day at Coolidge Yoga

April 20th


Learn to make homemade dairy free hemp seed milk and cashew milk. Imagine spending only 30 seconds to create your own vegan milk, with no suspicious additives. Hemp seeds are a great vegan source of protein and omega 3’s. Good fats support brain function, reproductive health, and immunity, to name a few.

Use your new skills to top breakfast bowls, coffee, lattes, and even add to soups for a creamy addition. Super easy, but sometimes you just need a tutorial to gain confidence in the kitchen. Demo and samples, with plenty of room for questions. Please email for allergy specifics.


Past Events:

“Yogic Sleep”

Friday Night, February 15th, 7:30pm-9:30pm

Coolidge Yoga Brookline


Learn how and why a proper night time routine, inspired by the Ayurvedic Clock and circadian rhythm, can help tame the mind and prepare for deep, restful sleep.  

During this workshop you will

  • learn how the doshas (qualities and functions of the body, mind, and environment) influence the time of day

  • learn which activities are best for morning, noon, and night

  • physically embody a night time routine including self oil massage, body scan meditation, and savasana (corpse pose)

  • end the evening with a delicious warm creamy vegan latte dusted with Ayurvedic sleepy herbs

Please pack:

  • shorts and a tank top so your extremities are easy for you to access during the self massage

  • socks and a beach or large bath towel

Choose clothing and a towel that you don’t care about getting oily. Please get in touch if you have any skin and/or food allergies.