Investment in self:

New Client Special: 90 minute initial consultation and first follow up appointment, $160.  

Additional one hour follow up appointment: $95

Seasonal Bundle: 3 follow up appointments for $245, recommended at seasonal shifts in spring, summer, fall, and winter for pantry and lifestyle adaptations.  

Pantry Clean Out: pantry assessment, shopping at select markets/farmers markets near your home, simple cooking lessons for your personal constitution (inquire for pricing).

Living My Best Self: $500 includes initial consultation, 3 seasonal follow ups, custom seasonal spice mixes and recipes, and monthly support via email or phone. 

Definition of Health: ask about private Ayurvedic yoga tailored to your constitution and season.


Follow ups

*Follow ups are essential for success and include: 

  • Checking in on which foods/recipes you liked/disliked

  • Monitoring health concerns and their progress

  • Encouragement for healthy habit formation

  • Solutions to recommendations that didn't fit

  • Guidance for approaching the next season: specific breath practices, seasonal produce and seasonal macronutrients


Seeing clients at:

Coolidge Yoga Brookline, 1297 Beacon St, Brookline MA 02446 (map)


Personal commitment

Within the scope of my practice as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, I will recommend diet and lifestyle practices specific to the season, your personal constitution, and/or any current imbalances.  I can work with any other healthcare providers, and will refer out if/when your case goes beyond my scope of care.  In my experience as a nurse, it takes an army to provide proper healthcare.  Ayurveda provides a unique approach to wellness which contrasts to modern medicine’s specialization of body systems. Mind, body, soul and environment are seen as influencing and affecting each other.  It is my personal commitment to listen to your story wholeheartedly, and let the art and science of Ayurveda allow you feel at home in your Self.  To schedule a consultation, get in touch here.