Dinner for a 100 Degree Day


No AC no prob.

I had nothing in the fridge today and I really didn’t want to eat out again. Breakfast was an expensive acai bowl at Revolution Health Kitchen that in no way lives up to the “Original Gangster” we get at Bowl’d during trips to San Francisco. But it was 100 degrees out today and I felt like a sloth because of it.

After I taught my 5:30pm yoga class, I coasted my bike down Beacon Street and popped into Whole Foods at Saint Mary’s. I shuffled around the store without a plan, hungry, and grabbed my favorite tofu and tender greens. Some berries and things for work tomorrow. The original plan to saute the tofu in ghee was out of the question as I climbed 4 flights of stairs to our humid condo, no AC except for our bedroom unit.

No way in hell was I going to turn on the stove, so it became marinated tofu feta, similar to our first course at the last Ojas Kitchen Pop Up, only this was the quick and dirty version. Super satisfying, 5 minutes total, and no beads of sweat! You could of course make this fancier by adding Greek salad vegetables or free-styling, as this is a great simple base for any salad that might call for feta.


1 block tofu, preferable The Bridge brand

tender greens (I used baby red leaf and green leave mix from Little Leaf)

za’atar (I bought a blend, it usually consists of thyme, cumin, coriander, sumac, sesame seeds, and/or chili flakes)

olive oil


pink salt


  • Slice tofu into thin rectangles and press moisture out between paper towels or kitchen towels. Cube and place in a jar or container with a lid.

  • Sprinkle with za’atar or Greek spices, pink salt, olive oil, and a little squeeze of lemon. Shake to mix.

  • Place lettuce in a bowl, top with some tofu feta (maybe 1/4 cup-ish, you will have leftovers), and add more olive oil, lemon, and pink salt to taste.

Leftovers can continue to marinate in the fridge for 2 days.

Enjoy and stay cool!