Cantaloupe 1/2 + 1/2


Serves 1, 1 'loupe per person

1 ripe cantaloupe

pinch cardamom

Halve cantaloupe and scoop out seeds.  Scoop 1/2 flesh into blender and add cardamom, blend until smooth.  Sip alongside the other half, scooping right out of it's natural bowl.  

This is a perfect treat in the heat of summer.  Ripe melon has naturally sweet cooling properties that offset the fire element in the pitta dosha.  


When to drink:

When it’s hot AF

When you overdid last night and need a very light breakfast to boost digestion 

After a run to rehydrate

On an empty stomach!  Melons do not combine well with other foods.  Drink this and then wait an hour to eat a meal.  All the books on Ayurveda warn against eating or drinking melon right after a meal as fruit ferments when mixed, especially melon, which can cause discomfort.  I always eat fruit first thing in the morning, or during the long stretch between lunch and dinner, closer to dinner, to hold me over and "eat my water".