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Back in 2008 in the trenches of nursing school while leading a FOMO party life, Lauren needed a healthier alternative.  She started practicing warm vinyasa yoga in New Haven to offset the stress of her new career in ICU nursing. 

A few years later when she moved to Encinitas, CA, she continued to flow like the surfers and completed teacher training at Corepower Yoga.  California, bursting with the best avocados and fruit she had ever tasted, is also where she started to experiment with vegetarian and vegan cooking.

When Lauren returned to Boston she felt reverse culture shock, on the streets and in the yoga studio.  She also realized she wanted to teach a creative class, not a skeleton developed by a yoga chain.  Compelled to dive deeper, she completed her second 200-hour training at Coolidge Corner Yoga in 2016 under Goldie Graham, Tatyana Souza, Laura Ahrens and Andrew Tanner.  Her teachers taught her how to share from an open heart.  She left the training stronger, not only as a teacher, but a better communicator.   

This training also introduced her to Ayurveda, the oldest still practiced healthcare system in the world.  Trained in acute care and often caring for chronically ill patients, Lauren appreciated this brilliant holistic system created for individuals to thrive in life. Feeling invigorated physically, mentally and spiritually, she went on to complete a 650-hour certification as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor from Kripalu in the Berkshire mountains.

Lauren continues to work as a PACU nurse, yoga instructor, and sees clients as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor. Her teaching reflects her holistic path and is influenced by western anatomy and physiology, yogic philosophy, and Ayurvedic wisdom.  Her yoga class adapts to the season, time of day, and encourages individual modifications. 

Interview with Lauren for Boston Voyager Magazine: “Meet Trailblazer Lauren Massalas”, January, 2019